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The best heaters for you in 2022

When it gets to winter and we’re in a frenzy to purchase a heater, we often don’t consider all our options. The current price of electricity adds another spanner in the works when considering the most suitable heater for you. So, before you rush out to purchase a heater, take a minute to consider your options below.

Tell Jack Frost to get lost!

Get your garden ready for winter with our top tips for avoiding frost damage and helping your plants survive.

10 Things to love about winter

Everyone complains this time of year when winter comes around.   We’re cold, we’re sniffly, days are shorter and nights are longer.   But, believe it or not, there are people out there who simply adore the cold winter months.   Here are 10 reasons why:   1. Bubble baths There really is nothing better […]

Staying warm and cosy

Winter is on its way, and like we all know Monsieur Winter Wind likes breathing down our necks, leaving us yelping for the rays of warm summer air. Here are a few tips to help you to keep warm and stay toasty during those frosty days.     Fool the eye. Sometimes your perception of […]

Alternative heating solutions

Heating your home this winter doesn’t have to bankrupt you. Take a look at our winter warmer tips for this chilly season.