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How to wash dishes

washing dishes

When you approach dishwashing methodically and with a positive attitude, it’s really not all that daunting.

Trending kitchen products for 2015

Hopefully your 2015 year kicked off with a bang! You’ve made your resolutions, sent your kids off to school and settled down to a new year of work. We’ve all got wishlists for what we want to achieve this year, what we want to do, and what we want to buy. Here’s our list of […]

8 interesting uses for vinegar

Today we take a look at some uses for vinegar that you may not have been aware of; from long lasting nail polish to getting rid of pesky ants.

The recipe test – mince flan

Ever wanted to try a new recipe, but never really sure how it’s going to work out? I’ll be doing the testing for you! This week: Mince Flan.