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How to deal with life’s small problems

happy man

Very often, it is the tiniest problems that baffle us the most and give rise to the biggest discussions. No wonder. “Trifles make the sum of life’, said one English writer (Charles Dickens). A Scottish poet (Alexander Smith) said the same thing a little differently when he proclaimed that “trifles make up the happiness or […]

How to pack a salad

How to make a salad so that it stays fresh and crispy for next-day consumption.

Reflections on mini ovens


Well, I finally braced myself and got one of those mini ovens. As a snobby occasional cook (I cook rarely, but when I cook I cook up a storm, at least in my own eyes), I used to pooh-pooh my friend’s odes in the praise of mini ovens. But then my normal-sized oven packed in. […]

Win with City Living | We have a winner

City Living

Congratulations to Mr Steve Mathobela . You are the lucky winner a R1200 voucher to spend on comforter sets.   Thank you to all those who participated in the competition and a special thank you to City Living for sponsoring the fabulous prize. Have you ever scrolled through Pinterest and sighed with envy at the […]

How to cope with heat

dog cooling off

12 tips for keeping cool in summer