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Make spring cleaning fun for the whole family

Spring cleaning is the perfect way to deep clean your home, give it a new look and feel, clear out the clutter, and make way for all things fresh. Yet, many of us look at spring cleaning as a chore, either because, well, cleaning isn’t exactly a lot of fun, or because one person (you […]

9 basic baking tools

  So you know how to cook, but what do you do for fun? Bake? This is also an awesome activity to do with the kids, that is if you can deal with the mess.   Well, if you are a first timer in this department, there are a couple of things that you need […]

Wall decals are in

Gone are the days of wallpaper and two-tones. The new in-thing is wall decals to bring life and character into any room in your house.

The recipe test – mince flan

Ever wanted to try a new recipe, but never really sure how it’s going to work out? I’ll be doing the testing for you! This week: Mince Flan.

Tip top cleaning tips

Every month we bring you our top 3 tips for around the home. This month we’re cleaning.

Furnish your living room on bidorbuy

You can do it on the cheap side, or you can splash out. In an average week (we looked at the one ending 6 September), bidorbuyers bought over 850 pieces of furniture for dining and living room. Among other things, you bought: four TV cabinets or LCD stands, nine ottoman storage sets (ah, we all […]