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Win with City Living | We have a winner

City Living

Congratulations to Mr Steve Mathobela . You are the lucky winner a R1200 voucher to spend on comforter sets.   Thank you to all those who participated in the competition and a special thank you to City Living for sponsoring the fabulous prize. Have you ever scrolled through Pinterest and sighed with envy at the […]

Eggs are also good for…


You already know that eggs can be used as food. But did you know that they are much more versatile than that?  Here are some of other popular uses for eggs:   Make paint. Mix pigments, egg yolk (the membrane carefully removed) and an agent (water, vinegar, or white wine). Then paint away! You’ll be […]

Door mat essentials

If you ever cleaned the floors in your house, you will have instinctively realised just how important the humble door mat is. Experts confirm this. They say that a good door mat can trap most dirt particles, allergens, microbes and other pollutants that get into our homes on the soles of our shoes.   We […]

8 interesting uses for vinegar

Today we take a look at some uses for vinegar that you may not have been aware of; from long lasting nail polish to getting rid of pesky ants.

Tip top cleaning tips

Every month we bring you our top 3 tips for around the home. This month we’re cleaning.

Alternative heating solutions

Heating your home this winter doesn’t have to bankrupt you. Take a look at our winter warmer tips for this chilly season.