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Garden trends 2022

The current work from home trend (let’s hope it’s not a passing fad) has inspired new garden trends as homeowners look to spruce up their gardens while spending more time at home. Let’s explore some exciting garden trends for the year ahead.

Don’t leave it too late

Social distancing needn’t stop you getting outside and enjoying your garden. There are lots of things you can do now (while the weather is still very pleasant) to prepare for the colder weather to come.  It’s called fall for a reason  Raking up leaves is a great way to exercise while you can’t go to […]

How to make compost at home

With spring upon us, it’s the perfect time to spruce up your garden and get your fingers dirty!  We humans produce a lot of waste, a lot more than we should (but that’s a topic for another day). On the positive side, with all that waste comes the opportunity to do good with it. Why […]

How to make a terrarium

In honour of the new season that has sprung upon us, it is only fitting that we talk about gardening and all things related. Whether you have green fingers or not, gardening is something everyone can do… you just have to put some love into it. And so, since it is a new season for […]

Indigenous plants of South Africa – Proteas

The national flower of South Africa and most spectacular plant of our local flora, the Protea – a review brought to you by Seeds for Africa.

Spring garden

September is one of the most exciting months for South African gardeners.

Discs for your garden

For the vegetable gardener, warm days signal the return of that old nemesis: the ravenous birds.  From now on, it’s a race between you and them. And the prize is getting to eat all those juicy, yummy crops that you planted with your own hands, perhaps from the seeds bought on bidorbuy. Alas, the race […]

How does your garden grow

Spring has officially started today. Celebrate this, the most beautiful season of the year by creating a breathtaking garden. Here are ten spring-time tasks from gardening gurus. Most of them do not require a lot of hard work. Fertilise and feed like a fanatic. This is the number one gardening chore in spring. Improve your […]

Gardening, a hobby for health and longevity

A hobby is not only a way to pass the time. It is a rewarding way to pass the time.  Reward-wise, one of the best hobbies around is gardening. Firstly, because it is a pleasure to watch things grow. Secondly, because gardening will add years to your life. Working with soil gives the gardener a […]