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Winner! Best braai recipe competition

And the winner of our best braai recipe competition is…   Annabel Biggar with The Braai Pie The runners-up are: Warren Smith with Cheesy streaky bacon rump Hans Fouche with Swanniebraai Congratulations to the winner, and a big thank you to all who sent their recipes for our competition. Also, a big thank you to YuppieGadgets […]

Winning Recipe: The Braai Pie

Annabel Biggar’ braai pie is a pure delight; I hope you’ll try it out the next time you braai!   Ingredients:   Sandwich type grid with edges 2 rolls of puff pastry 1 packet of spinach 1 or 2cChicken breasts (fillets) – optional 1 packet shredded bacon 1 onion 1 red pepper 1 yellow pepper […]

Competition recipe: Cheesy streaky bacon rump

We wanted to share with you Warren Smith’s recipe, one of the entrants in our Best Braai Recipe Competition.   My braai recipe is like this: a good few portions of rump and streaky beacon.   Method:   First sprinkle meat tenderizer, six gun grill seasoning and a bit of sugar on the steak and […]

Competition recipe: Swanniebraai

This is not necessarily here for the delightful recipe, but rather the inventiveness of the braai. Hans Fouche shares with us his Heritage Day story.   We were out the whole day and were exhausted. We still wanted to have a braai without the long wait. We then took out our Swanniebraai (purchased from a South African […]