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Top 6 hottest toys for kids 

To help you out, we’ve sifted through the lists for you and determined what it is that kids these days really want.

The genius of outdoor kids’ games

Outdoor activities offer your kids all sorts of benefits. Playing outside lets kids keep active, and can boost their physical stamina and fitness.

It’s playtime! Top toys for the festive season

Our guide to top toys for your kids this festive season is the ideal way to plan ahead and take advantage of Black Friday specials on bidorbuy.

Good, clean fun!

Play-Doh is basically nostalgia in a bright yellow container: that distinctive smell, the cheerful colours, and endless opportunities for creativity. It’s a fun, simple concept that has been marketed as a children’s toy since the 1950s.

You can’t buy happiness – but you can build it

Whether you’re buying Lego South Africa for your kids, or for yourself, you’ll find Lego sets old and new on bidorbuy.

Starfinder – A renaissance in space opera RPGs

Starfinder rpg in action

Starfinder is the successor to the Pathfinder system. Its aim – to apply the same vision that transformed heroic fantasy roleplaying to the space opera genre. In Pathfinder you could play any one of a slew of fantasy races including elves, half-orcs or dwarves  (and humans of course). Adventure campaigns took place in a pre-made […]

Let’s play Bananagrams

Have you ever heard of Bananagrams? You could say it’s the new kid on the block, maybe a fad or a passing craze. The addictive word game is simply bananas, it’s that good! This blog post will give you an overall description of the game and how it works. Bananagrams can easily be compared to scrabble, simply […]

Shopkins toys

shopkins on bidorbuy

Shopkins toys are tiny and cute new “in” toys.

Christmas wish list for kids

  The holiday season is upon us and Christmas is just around the corner. To help you prepare for the moments that matter, we have taken the time out to do the research for you and put together a magical list of great gift ideas for kids. Talk about easy shopping this….       […]

Benefits of puzzles for children

Playing with puzzles as a child may have had a bigger impact on your cognitive development than you might expect. Because puzzles challenge your brain, they have a positive effect on your thought processes and on how you approach challenges and problems in your adult life. Doing puzzles from an early age helps children’s cognitive […]