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Where to put your TV

For most of us, the living room has to double as a TV room, with the screen taking on the role of a focal point. That is why it is important to display it well and make it blend well with the overall décor. The good news is that on bidorbuy you can find an […]

Get inspired to eat healthy

Looking to start the year on a healthy foot? Well, it all starts in the kitchen. Creating and eating healthy food is easy, you just need the right gadgets and appliances to make it happen. Here’s the lowdown on all the trending products you will need to spruce up your kitchen. Invest in an electric […]

5 home décor styles

Looking to revamp your home? Consider these five popular home décor styles.

Christmas gift wrapping ideas

What’s better than receiving a gift? Giving one. We have a great variety of gift ideas in our annual Christmas Gift Guide, so naturally gift purchasing is done and dusted. Now we need to think about wrapping! If you are tired of the same old wrapping style, take a look at these easy but beautiful […]

Table setting the Christmas way

Christmas lunch can either be very stressful or easy-breezy. Let’s try for the latter this year. After reading this blog you will be fully equipped to set a table like a pro! So that’s one less thing you need to fret about. Name tags Let’s start here, just because it will give you a good […]

Make your own Christmas crackers

Tis’ the season to be jolly… fa la la la la la la la la! The festive season is fast approaching. As it draws nearer, get some things off your to-do list. Christmas crackers are always a must. Instead of buying them, why not create your own this year. Get your kids involved and make […]

It’s your party, DIY if you want to

DIY can mean different things to different people, even though the overall definition doesn’t really change. One thing that everyone can agree on is that DIY is really about doing something yourself, something you can truly be proud of. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, it doesn’t have to be a daunting task. […]

5 tips for a beautiful bathroom

If you are looking for ways to introduce beauty into your bathroom without breaking the bank, try some of these relatively affordable decorating ideas!

Himalayan salt lamps

Have your heard of Himalayan salt lamps? A salt lamp is basically just a beautiful chunk of pink Himalayan salt which has a hole carved inside to fit a light bulb. When switched on, these lamps bring a soothing, warm light to any room. Some people claim that Himalayan salt lamps also have health benefits, […]

Espresso yourself

Nothing beats a hot cup of coffee early in the morning; actually, any time of the day is perfect too! For some of us, caffeine is an essential part of the day. It helps us focus and in some cases even function. If you are looking to invest in a proper coffee machine, you have […]