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6 tips to overcome the fear of public speaking

We all have fears: of heights, insects, animals… or of public speaking. You might be shocked (or not) to learn that most people are nervous about public speaking; even the most confident speakers can experience jitters before a speech. This blog post is designed to help you overcome those fears using a few useful tips. […]

Put it on a whiteboard

whiteboard at meeting room

When choosing a whiteboard, it’s not enough to just determine the size you want. There are other factors to consider.

Ideas to start your own business

There’s no denying that we are living in uncertain financial times, and the idea of gaining extra income is very attractive to most of us. Added to that, the benefits of being your own boss, and the thought of starting your own business can be very appealing. Whether you take it slowly, or jump right […]

For your business

The bidorbuy Business, Farming & Industry category currently features almost 2800 listings. A great majority of them, about 2400, are brand new; only about 400 are second-hand items. This category also strongly favours the buy-now (fixed price) type of listings: the buy-now – auctions ratio is about 5:1. The most populated sub-category, with about 1400 […]

The bidorbuy top sellers event 2010

Brilliant! Great! Excellent! Fantastic! These are the attributes that the buyers who won tickets for bidorbuy top sellers event use to describe the evening of 5 June at the Cresta Barnyard Theatre. And they are not exaggerating. It was indeed fabulous. Top sellers event is held once a year as an occasion when bidorbuy honours […]

You and making money online

The internet provides many money-earning options. As you will discover as soon as you start searching, the problem is not in the availability of offers. The problem is that there are too many of them, some promising you thousands of Rands (or dollars, as the case may be) for no effort at all. How do […]

Lesser-known traits of a good bidorbuy seller

You know which ingredients go into making a good bidorbuy seller: desirable items; attractive prices; professional presentation; effective marketing; prompt delivery; and so on.  And, of course, above everything else: an excellent reputation. Simple, isn’t it? But not always easy to live up to… Sometimes, holding up a negative precedent can point you in the […]

The bidorbuy business connection

You already know why bidorbuy is good for your business. But there is more to the bidorbuy-business connection: bidorbuy is also the place where you can equip your business, buy a business, or get fresh business ideas. And we are reminding you about this because… well, because the month of May on bidorbuy is devoted […]

Marketing matters

One bidorbuy seller recently discovered the power of advertising. Chance played a big part in the event. This is how it happened.   The image of a product of his appeared in one of the bidorbuy Valentine’s Day promotional emailers. These emailers do not link to the randomly selected individual products. There is only the […]

Secure your shopper: Prevent shopping cart abandonment

Hi there all, For those of you who may not know, bidorbuy has a monthly column in the ComputerActive Magazine. Each month we prepare a piece of writing educating the community about the internet, selling items online, online shopping and general e-commerce information. I have decided to start posting my articles in our blog for […]