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Creating a capsule wardrobe for your baby

Are you ever “surprised” by the amount of clothes your baby has? Does your baby have many clothes that are either worn once or never worn? Do you give away new, unworn baby clothing more times than you care to admit?   If you said yes to any of the above questions, you definitely need […]

How to throw a Breakfast at Tiffany’s themed baby shower

Some will say it’s for boys only, but I disagree. Gone are the days of the obligatory pink and white theme for a baby girl shower. The Baby & Co, i.e. Breakfast at Tiffany’s theme will make your baby shower memorable and unique. Most women will cringe at the thought of using the colour blue […]

5 underrated kitchen utensils

5 underrated kitchen utensils We can all attest to buying kitchen utensils and either not using them or buying them for all the wrong reasons i.e. because they were sale.  Here is a list of 5 kitchen utensils that are very useful but underutilized.     Food Scraper There are many types of scrapers such […]

3 supergrains for you

Amaranth (pronounced am–uh-ranth) Amaranth is technically not a grain in the usual sense of the word, like oats, rice or wheat. It is sometimes called a pseudo-cereal because it has nutritional profile that is quite similar to grains. It is predominantly grown in Africa, China, India, Russia and throughout South America. Amaranth contains more protein, […]