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Allitsales bobBucks competition

Allitsales Competition

Allitsales is running a competition for our loyal bidorbuy shoppers. Who knows, maybe this time you could get lucky! Stand the chance to win a R800 bobBucks voucher, when spending over R250 on the Allitsales store. You can purchase anything.   This is how the competition works: This competition is open from 24 May, 2016 […]

Baking for first- timers

baking contest

A lot of us have not been taught how to bake. All we can do is prepare basic meals, but cannot take things as far as a hearty cake or scrumptious muffins. You might be one of those people who have a baking set that has been lying around and you have been staring at […]

Heritage Day

Heritage Day

We all know that 24 September 2015 is going to be a public holiday and we are all very excited about it. We get to have a day off work, or school, or from other routine activities. We are also aware that we are celebrating Heritage Day, but not all of us are certain what […]

Infant car seat vs convertible car seat

travelling with baby

Being a first-time mom can be quite daunting. Your new-born is fragile and special precautions need to be taken at all times. Travelling is the biggest mission for moms; after all the roads are a tough place to be in even for adults.¬†When you move around with your baby, you need to make sure that […]

Your baby in winter

winter warmers for baby

Winter is upon us! The chills leave even the toughest and the bravest with their teeth chattering, so the little ones need that much extra care. Extra measures need to be taken to ensure baby doesn’t feel the sting of winter. Here are a couple of tips for mommies to ensure their little ones stay […]