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Where to put your TV

For most of us, the living room has to double as a TV room, with the screen taking on the role of a focal point. That is why it is important to display it well and make it blend well with the overall décor. The good news is that on bidorbuy you can find an […]

5 home décor styles

Looking to revamp your home? Consider these five popular home décor styles.

10 hand tools for your garden

Gardening is easier and more fun when you have the right tools.

5 tips for a beautiful bathroom

If you are looking for ways to introduce beauty into your bathroom without breaking the bank, try some of these relatively affordable decorating ideas!

Should hot food go into the fridge?

refrigerating hot food

It is fine to store your hot food in a fridge, but there are some considerations you should bear in mind.

Back to school survival guide for parents

back to school supplies

There is no way to avoid the back-to-school expenses, but a little planning and preparation can help ease some of the financial stress.

Decorating with clocks

vintage wall clock

Select your decorative timepieces with care, confident in the knowledge that there is a clock for every space and for every taste.

How to wash dishes

washing dishes

When you approach dishwashing methodically and with a positive attitude, it’s really not all that daunting.

How to deal with life’s small problems

happy man

Very often, it is the tiniest problems that baffle us the most and give rise to the biggest discussions. No wonder. “Trifles make the sum of life’, said one English writer (Charles Dickens). A Scottish poet (Alexander Smith) said the same thing a little differently when he proclaimed that “trifles make up the happiness or […]

The many uses of baking soda

baking soda

Discover some of the tried and tested uses of baking soda for health, grooming, cleaning, and gardening.