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Starfinder – A renaissance in space opera RPGs

Starfinder rpg in action

Starfinder is the successor to the Pathfinder system. Its aim – to apply the same vision that transformed heroic fantasy roleplaying to the space opera genre. In Pathfinder you could play any one of a slew of fantasy races including elves, half-orcs or dwarves  (and humans of course). Adventure campaigns took place in a pre-made […]

Educational toys for the 21st century

  The world is changing. More often we see new developments, technologies and discoveries and the 21st century is becoming the century of science.   Already the USA has made STEM – an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics – the key focus of its education policy, identifying these disciplines as central to maintain […]

Swiss diamond pans

If you are trying to find the highest quality non-stick cookware, then look no further than the Swiss Diamond range of products which are available on bidorbuy.   These products are unique in that they feature a surface coating incorporating real diamond crystals which allow for improved thermal conductivity and non-stick properties. Diamonds themselves are […]

The king of brandies

Cognac is a fine, French brandy that has one of the greatest aging potentials of any drink.