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shopkins on bidorbuy

shopkins toys on bidorbuy


They are tiny, they are cute and they are the new “in toy”.


Shopkins are small plastic toys. Each new series of Shopkins (and there are three so far) combines more than one hundred characters with playsets and accessories. Some Shopkins characters are very small, with names such as Cupcake Queen, Penny Pencil, Candy Apple, Erica Eraser, Lippy Lips or Netti Spaghetti. Others are bigger and resemble traditional dolls; among them are Popette, Bulbbleisha and Jessicake. The playsets are as a rule shopping-themed: “Small Mart”, “Fashion Spree”, “So Cool Fridge Playset” and “3 Scoops Ice Cream Truck”, among others. As for accessories, they range from activity books and board games to stationery sets and school bags.


shopkins toys on bidorbuyshopkins-cupcakeshopkins toys on bidorbuy


Shopkins exist not only as “real” objects, but also in the virtual world, in the form of short videos, animated series and web apps, all of which create a distinct Shopkins universe. However, the main reason for the success of the Shopkins line is that the manufacturer, Australian-based Moose Toys, is cleverly tapping into the propensity of children to collect things.


The first three seasons of Shopkins toys are primarily targeted at girls aged 4 to 10. The manufacturer has also released limited edition toys which have caught the attention of grown-up collectors.


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Shopkins toys on bidorbuy

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