Top 10 tips to save water

hosepipeban-300x231With water restrictions becoming more and more severe in the drought that we are currently facing, it is important to go to extra lengths to save and reuse water.


Here are a few helpful tips to help you save water.



1. Place a bucket in the shower to collect extra water. You can use this water to wash your car, water your garden, or even fill up your toilet cistern. You can also put a brick in your cistern, making it fill a lot faster and saving you a lot of water as well.
2. Fill your sinks with water at the beginning of each day and use this water to wash your hands. In the kitchen, use it to do dishes as they are being used.
3. If you have small children, run a bath with as little water as possible and wash them together.
4. Limit your showers to only once a day and to three min at a time, or the maximum length of two songs. You can also get water saving shower heads.
5. When brushing your teeth, fill a glass with water and use that water for rinsing. That way, you will not be wasting while running the tap constantly.
6. Do not do small loads of laundry and try to make sure that your washing machine is at maximum fill. Also do not do laundry more than twice a week. If you have a small family, try to limit it to once a week.
7. When it comes to washing dishes, though a dishwasher saves electricity, it does use more water than a load of washing. So, make sure that you do dishes constantly throughout the day with one sink full of water.
8. Fill a bottle with water and keep it in the fridge. Drink from the bottle, instead of from the tap (this because we tend to leave the tap running until the water becomes cool).
9. Make sure that you do not have any leaky taps. Leaky taps can make your water bill sky rocket by over R200 a month and it also wastes a large amount of water.
10. Avoid filling your swimming pools and washing your cars with tap water.

water shortage caused by drougth aridification and overpopulation scarcity or dificit in drinking water can lead to conflict or war


If we all make an effort and try to save as much water as possible, there will be more than enough water to last until the end of the drought. Let us not fool ourselves, water is precious, and we need to save as much as we can.

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